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``Some secrets are revealed only to those who are worthy of them.`` - M.Stiefvater

About game

Doors are shut. You have no choice, either you want it or not. Or should I say – you have one way out. You simply have to find it, in 60 minutes. Time flies constantly, you can’t cheat it. Can you hear ticking? It is running out. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. Everything depends only on you. Would you dare to escape from Polish People’s Republic? Or would you be able to stop the Usurper and reclaim crown jewels for rightful ruler in Wawel castle? It is all up to you. Only you can do it. Don’t let us down…tick-tock, tick-tock.

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Escape from PRL

It is me – colonel Kowalski. I have to confess – I am a spy. I know, you didn’t suspect a thing. I did my job pretty well then. I have managed to secure some really important documents throughout this years in Krakow. World order is constantly changing. Probably I have already managed to prevent World War III. But now situation is pretty bad. Security Service is onto me. I need your help. Do you hear me?! YOU HAVE TO! I need you to go to my place on Dietla street. Over there you will find a key. Get through safety devices, find the radio station, destroy the ciphers and get the microfilms. They will help you in escape. Don’t get caught! If i won’t get out… Now you are involved. It is all up to you. Good luck!



Krakow game

Truly our days are really dark for this city and country. Country of Lech is facing a horrible war. Huge army is almost at our city gates. They don’t want to enslave us or simply take the city. Krakow is meant to be destroyed and its people murdered. Not only we have to worry about this, our crown jewels have been stolen by some mean spirits. We lost the crown, scepter and globus cruciger. They want to put their man on our throne. It is unacceptable! How can we defeat the enemy, if we by everything pure, won’t have our crown jewels? If we want to stand up to aggressor, we need hope, which now is lost. We need thee to get crown jewels back. Do it, or City of Kings will be burned to the ground.

GAME DIFFICULTY: uzurpator_stars

Spy 2

Where is lieutenant?

…and we all hoped that our lieutenant managed to escape from communist Poland. Unfortunately he did not manage to come to the meeting with you. On it, you were supposed to give him what you have found in his apartment. Bad people were on his trail, but luckily he did manage to hide. Where? You need to find it out. But that’s not all! This is not the only task. You also have to keep captain Esbeck and his men as far from the apartment as it is possible. If they will remain away from the apartment, than our lieutenant may have the chance to escape. Time is your biggest enemy. Over here not minutes, but seconds do matter. Will you try it?




1. Is the game safe?

Fleeing from Polish People’s Republic or spy mission in medieval Krakow are not really safe, although our games is an exception. You don’t have to worry. You are not in danger. Leave it to us.

2. What will happen, if I won’t manage to get out in time?

You will stay there forever…

Don’t worry. It won’t be so bad…If you won’t manage to find your way out in 60 minutes, we will open the door for you. Of course we all hope that you will find your own way to victory and after an hour we will all celebrate your success!

3. What should I wear for this game?

We don’t insist on wearing ties or suits. You should wear something comfortable, to enjoy the game.

4. Does the game require big physical strength?

Of course it is not a weekend in SPA, but don’t worry. You won’t need to run or climb, although you might need to crawl a bit. We constructed our game, so it can be played by anyone from 10 to 110 years old. Most important is your mind strength.

5. Can I get some clues during the game?

You can count on it. If you really need them and let us now about it – you will get them.

6. What if I need to stop the game earlier?

Really? You want to stop the game earlier? Ok, you can do it. In our room you will find an “Emergency button”. If you click it, it will open the door and your game will be finished.

7. If I would be late, can I still start the game?

We suggest to come on time. Fate of Krakow and even entire world is on your hands! There is still a possibility to start the game if you would be late. We have to warn you though, that your game time will be cut short.

8. Can I come before starting the game?

You should! If you will come about 15 minutes before game time, we will be able to explain to you our game rules. If you know more, you will do better.

9. How many people can play this game?

„Usurper” can be player by two, three or four people, while “Spy” is available for teams from two up to five people. Couple of heads is better than one…

10. I have big group of friends. Is there a possibility to book both rooms?

Of cours you can. If both rooms are available at that time, you can go in them at same time. May the better team win!


Pick the room, which interests you and book suitable date. Remember that if you will pay earlier by transfer, you will pay less. It will cost you 95 PLN. If you will successfully book your game, you will receive a confirmation message on your e-mail address. If you will not see it in your inbox after couple of minutes - check your spam folder.

If you want to play the game on the other hour than it is suggested by our calendar, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail.


Spy. Escape from communism.

  • Reservation


Usurper. Krakow Game

  • Reservation

PRICE: at least 79 PLN

Spy 2: Where is lieutenant?

  • Price depends on amount of team members:
  • 2 people - 79 PLN
  • 3-4 people - 99 PLN
  • 5 people - 109 PLN
  • 6 people - 119 PLN
  • Reservation


Birthday? Anniversary? Christmas? First day of summer? 14th July? 28th August? 6th September? Or perhaps some other special day?

If you don’t want to buy another tie, scarf, shirt or socks for special gift, you came to the right place! We offer you special…one of its kind…amazing…fantastic…GIFT – a game in one of the 60/2/3 rooms. All you need to do is to write an e-mail (60.two.3@gmail.com) and order special voucher, which you can present to whoever you want.


Or perhaps you’re still thinking where to host your next birthday party? How about starting your bachelor or bachelorette party in a new way? In order to get your present, you won’t have to simply unpack it. One hour in middle ages or in Polish peoples republic can be an amazing starter of unforgettable night. We guarantee special surprises.


E-mail us (60.two.3@gmail.com), book a room and…have fun.


60/2/3 Dietla 93 street - Pavilion in the Courtyard


How to find us?

By foot: 10 minutes walk from the Main Square, go down the Starowiślna street in direction of Kazimierz

By tram: 1, 3, 12, 19, 22, 24, 52 – STAROWIŚLNA

By bus: 184 – STAROWIŚLNA